Thursday, June 22, 2017

Welcome, Summer!

Ooops! 4 months and no contact, sorry folks! I've discovered Instagram, I've been hanging out there as 'snowdayartist'. And then there's been full-time teaching - yeah, a major time-eating profession, but so worth it!  I had great students this year! They made some amazing projects; many humbling moments when I just stood back and let the students roll with their ideas. It's amazing how skillful elementary/middle school students can be - watching them will give you faith and hope for our collective future. I'm serious. They can solve problems and stay on an assignment until it's fully complete. My 2nd day of summer vacation and I miss them! Hopeless!

My new studio has a nice view of the dilly-bean garden. This garden is mostly about dilly bean production: garlic, beans, and dill. There's also spinach and beets, but it's mostly about the dilly beans... they keep the summer going in the middle of the winter. Yum!
Several paintings are waiting for my attention. Summer is all about painting and gardening.