Friday, August 30, 2013

Late August Poppies & Dilly Beans

I bought poppy seeds in Vermont in late June, planted them after the 4th of July. TODAY the first one bloomed! I will have poppies in September for the first time ever. My veggie garden is still putting forth tomatoes, beans, dill, and cucumbers. I have been making dilly beans. There's nothing like a couple of dilly beans on your sandwich in February to remind you that LIFE IS VERY GOOD.

I have been clearing brush down by the river, washing windows and other chores that I want done before winter. School started this week with 3 days of workshops, the students return on Tuesday. Once teaching gets underway it's hard to find the time for these bigger projects. It was a fine summer. I had a lot of time in my studio, but I am ready to see the students again and see what they will create!