Monday, March 30, 2015

NBPTS Teaching and Learning Conference 2015

WWII Memorial
I attended the NBPTS Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington. This was five seriously busy and wonderful days in our nation's capitol. The workshops I attended were inspiring, informative, and thought provoking. It was great to get away and see so much while gathering information and ideas for all the ways I teach and promote visual arts.
Here are some of the more 'arty' photos I took. I saw: the White House (from outside the gate), Washington Monument, Vietnam Memorials, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, WWII Memorial, Ford's Theater, The National Portrait Gallery, The National Gallery of Art, The National Archives, The Capitol, and The Botanic Garden. All this sightseeing was in addition to the conference!

The Capitol Dome - during the restoration project
Library of Congress
At the Capitol, we got in to the Senate chamber and heard Senator Angus King speak. He spoke about a couple from Windsor, Maine who carve canes for veterans, for free. It was quite a coincidence to hear mention of Windsor, as this is where I teach! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Orange Clivia and -30 degrees

I just inherited a lovely clivia. It decided to bloom right off. The orange blossoms have been a nice touch of hope and warmth in my studio.
I am doing the school yearbook this year. Not much time to paint right now.

I've photographed the clivia for a future painting.
These days the morning temps are below zero... well below... as in -30 below zero! I believe this is the coldest we've ever had.
I'll be heading to Washington next week for 5 days. I am attending the National Board for Professional Teaching Conference: Teaching and Learning 2015. I'm hoping to get a whole day in at the National Gallery of Art. I'm making a list of paintings and sculptures I must see! I can't wait to go!
Clivia shadow... looks like poetry!