Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow~Day #1, Hello Kitty and EGGS!

My first snowday of this school year! Under a blanket of snow, today was actually... somber. This day off created an opportunity to reflect on the recent tragedy in the elementary school in CT. As an elementary school teacher, I can not fathom something so horrific.  My students are children... innocent, wonderful, loving, funny, caring... children. As today started, I felt like I wanted to do something for them. Something that said 'I love you guys'. Well it came in the shape of 'Hello Kitty' mittens - what can I say?! Tomorrow the 6th graders hold an auction. Twice a year the class holds this event. All year long the students earn tickets for various things, behaviors, grades, etc. The teachers donate items and the students use their tickets to cash in on the donated goods. Many of these students 'buy' items as holiday gifts for their families. I made this pair of mittens to donate to their auction.
My chickens finally started laying EGGS! Wa-hoo. The first eggs are always so much fun because they are so little. Omelet anyone?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Irish Blessing and 'The Starry Knight'

We held a small and lovely service for my mother-in-law on Thanksgiving morning - just family. It was quite fitting to celebrate her life on Thanksgiving as her life focus was about providing and caring for others. We shared stories and memories at the dinner table - it was a good way to process her passing. On one card we received was this Irish Blessing... I think it is lovely: "May the blessings of love be on you, live with you and all around you. May it be your shelter in the storming hours, and your warming fire when chill winds blow. May love make soft your path, that your steps never falter, and wide your path, that friends may always walk beside you. May love shine out of the soul of you like a welcoming light so that when others speak your name, it will be to say here is one whose heart has never cared too little." ... and I'll add, may you always feel loved.

I'm finishing up my painting 'The Starry Knight' - hope to load it onto Etsy this weekend. I'll also be finishing the first draft of my Chicken Mitten pattern. I basically need 2x the amount of time I have in a day! Have fun.