Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Hallowell Day - Visual Meditation

'OHD - Visual Meditation'
Here is my painting for the Harlow Gallery's Summer Member's Show. The Harlow is celebrating along with the city of Hallowell as the lovely and inspiring city turns 250 years old! 

I took the route of being inspired by 'Old Hallowell Day' - can you SEE the 'OHD' in my piece? 

The opening is Friday July 6th, 5-8pm - see you there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poppyville, and Girls in the Coop

Poppyville - my flower garden
Though I had to replant much of my vegetable garden - THANK YOU for having all the seeds I needed Johnny's Seeds! (the first planting must have rotted then vanished without a trace after the flooding we got over a month ago - those were NOT Johnny's Seeds), my flower garden is thriving. It is once again looking like something Dr. Seuss would dream up.

Wanda, Fonda, Cindy, and Mindy - interchangeable names
My Barred Rock chicks are out of their cardboard box and in the coop.

My studio is cleaned up and I have been working on a watercolor I will call 'Visual Meditation - OHD' - for the Harlow Gallery's summer member's show. The 'OHD' stands for Old Hallowell Days. I'll post the piece when it is done.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Me and my Dad, 1962 door at Mrs. Havemeyer's swimming pool, Irvington, NY 
Happy Father's Day - to everyone. It has been a beautiful day here in Maine. We had strawberry shortcake for breakfast - to celebrate Father's Day.
I spent the day cleaning my studio and checking in on the baby chicks I got a few days ago. The 4 Barred Rock chicks spent the first two nights in my studio, I moved them to the coop yesterday. 
School is out for the summer! - just a bit more cleaning and I'll be ready to paint!