Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer ~ Painting and Planning

Summertime, summertime. Painting in my studio. Weeding my gardens. Knitting. Repeat. Add to the mix something new this summer: planning a new studio! Our 1 story garage is getting a second floor which will become my new studio.

The old cement slab is now gone and a new one will be poured this week. I think I've got the windows and their placement figured out. It's a tricky business guessing how many windows to put in a space that doesn't exist yet. There will be eight windows, in case you're guessing. In addition to creating a larger studio for me, we are trying to make our garage look more like a barn. I will include photos when it is done.

New paintings this summer include a monarch butterfly with milkweed, another rock and shell design, and California poppies.

It seems that the red poppies are begging to make their way into something, so there may be a red poppy painting before the summer is out. We'll see.

Happy summer!