Thursday, February 16, 2017

6th Snow-Day! Uploading Etsy Mittens

Snow-Day Artist

Today is Snow-Day #6 for this winter. I'm uploading mittens to my Etsy shop. The photography always takes longer than I wish it would. I need to create a photo booth.
Snow-Day Artist
Here is the first geranium to bloom in my new studio. A little funky, but GREAT color!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Double Snow-Day. Finally all moved in!

I am celebrating this double snow-day by moving the last of my art supplies into my new studio. All done. I'm in!

I love the new views and the deep window sills. These sills will become a rotating display of my 'loot'.

The Cabin Fever Art Show at Longfellow's was fun. I was glad to have an upright display for my prints - much easier to see my artwork this way. I guess my 'booth' is an evolving process.
Cabin Fever Art Show 

Niko prefers the driveway to being indoors while I vacuum! Seriously! Good thing I don't vacuum that often!
Niko in the driveway
Here's my new painting corner.

This is my 'fiber' area.

I am feeling very grateful for this new space.