Saturday, November 23, 2013

NBPTS CERTIFIED! and Winslow Homer school mural

'Young Ducks' - Winslow Homer 
This morning before the sun was up, I logged onto the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website and found out that I am a NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFIED TEACHER!
I received an email earlier in the week letting me know that the scores would be available today. I patiently waited 6 months for this news. I can not tell you how happy, thrilled and excited I am. I feel as though I could fly, though this might be influenced by the fact that it is a very windy day here in Maine.
Perhaps this is a good moment to share a picture of the mural I did with my students, staff, and learning community (parents, grandparents, etc.) this fall. I do a mural every year with my students. My students are Kindergarten thru 8th Grade. This fun project reminds us we can do great things together. The Portland Museum of Art has posters of the original work: "Young Ducks", by Winslow Homer. Tours of Homer's studio at Prout's Neck are also available through the museum - I highly recommend them. And now, back to thoughts of flying....