Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow-Day #2, New Fox Design

What should have been my first day back to school (after knee surgery) turns out to be a SNOW-DAY! Wahoo! Here's a new mitten design to celebrate! (The real celebration is actually a very successful surgery and this is affording me a lot of knitting time while my knee is 'resting'.) 

In pondering this new design... I'm thinking with a few changes, it could become a raccoon. Maybe there's another animal in there as well.

I love the 'figuring out' new designs.... there's a good amount of math, texture, and of course COLOR.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow-Day #1 Creating the Mood for the Cabin Fever Art Show!

View today from my studio on the Sheepscot River
 Finally, a SNOW-DAY! This lovely day afforded me the opportunity to get to Longfellow's Greenhouses to set up for the Cabin Fever Art Show. I'm excited to be in this show again. All the artists are so friendly and their work is of a high caliber. Stop by if you get a chance!
Here is a new print I will have at the show:
 'Blueberries and Tiger Swallowtail'. This is not a new painting, I just finally turned it into a print.

p.s. U2 has been on my cd player for hours, I'm truly in heaven...
Snow-days ARE my world.