Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - 2012!

3 pairs of fingerless gloves
And WHERE did December go? Answer: school! I am working on the first piece of 'National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' certification, I am on the RSU curriculum committee representing the Visual Arts, I taught right through 12/23... and I didn't have a single SNOW DAY! I did sell two of my paintings at the Harlow '8x10x80' show, and knitting probably saved my soul (once again). After finishing up a couple of custom (holiday) knitting projects, I have been working on a fingerless glove pattern.
fingerless gloves let you keep warm while knitting!
I was even knitting on Christmas morning before the guys woke up ... and this would be considered one of the advantages to having your children reach young adulthood - Christmas starts at a reasonable hour. My best to all my family and friends. May 2012 be a truly wonderful year for everyone.