Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Who Turned on November?

 Wow - where has the time gone and how did I land in the month of November?! Actually, I know exactly where all the time has gone. My district switched over to 'Standards Based' or 'Proficiency Based learning and grading this year. There has been a huge learning curve. I would say truthfully that there has been more of a learning curve for the software program that we enter our assessments into than the concept of Proficiency Based Learning. I am very lucky to work with a supportive group of dedicated educators. With a few 'bumps in the road', we made it through our first set of Parent/Teacher conferences last week.
Perce Rock (Pierced Rock)
Side view of Perce Rock

Distant view of Perce Rock
Speaking of the road, last month we went on a little road trip to celebrate our 30th anniversary. After turning our pick-up into a 'campah', we spent five days driving around the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. We had a great time - a much needed little break. I'm glad I researched campgrounds ahead of time because most had already shut down for the season. We ate well, read good books, and soaked up the gorgeous views.