Monday, March 31, 2014

Maine Art Educators Association Spring Conference

If you are looking for a place to live, I highly recommend Scarborough, Maine. I spent last Saturday at the Scarborough Library doing a demo on needle felting. Approximately 500 patrons came through the library that day. These people, patrons and the public, were very nice, interesting, and fun. The staff were friendly and helpful. This wonderful Library frequently holds events like this Textile Day - how cool is that?! A library that feels like the center of the community. So there you have it, move to Scarborough.

This Saturday I spent the day painting scenery panels for the school play. It was fun to paint on a large scale. In two weeks I'll be teaching a beginner's class in needle felting at the Maine Art Educator's Association Spring Conference. The conference will be at the Brunswick High School. I'm hoping to find the time to hop over to the art museum at Bowdoin College during the day. Tomorrow is April! During April school vacation I'll be teaching needle felting my mice at PortFiber. I hope to see you there!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Scarborough Public Library Textile Day

Scarborough Public Library - 'The Starry Night'  needle felted sweater
I will be doing a needle felting demo next Saturday at the Scarborough Library's 3rd Annual Textile Day. This will be felting in an 'applique' fashion. Here's a picture of my work - a sweater that I started a while ago. I will also have felted mice, mittens, and art prints at my table.
If you are interested in felting mice, I will be teaching a class at PortFiber in April - just check their website. PortFiber is a fiber artist's haven in Portland.

For the record, yesterday was Snow~Day #5! I might be in school in July at this rate!