Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break... Leopard Slugs!

The snow is finally gone and it's
starting to 'go green' around this little knoll top 'farm'. Do three chickens and a few gardens make us a farm? At any account, I frequently think of new names to give our spot here along the Sheepscot River - depending on what's about. A few days ago I encountered a Leopard Slug in my basement. Why is it that about 15 minutes after the snow melts... the creatures arrive? When I was removing the horrid creature I opened the basement door only to find another leopard slug on the stone step. Latest farm name: Slug Convention Farm.
Other than the slugs, today ends a wonderful week long spring break. I weeded my flower bed, painted and drew in my studio, knitted 3 pairs of mittens and felted mice. I also got a copy of 'Miss Potter' the movie. I've been trying to stream this on-line to no avail. Now I own a copy and may watch it any time - it's a great movie. What a great woman. I hope you are enjoying your out doors where ever you are.