Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Room, Art Conference

My classroom, a truly wonderful art room for 300+ K-8 students.
The school year is speeding along. We've had technology glitches to deal with - as in lightening taking down the district's hard drive (and it's still not up yet). I received probably the only iPad mini (in the state of Maine?!) that didn't work properly. How do you know if something isn't working if you've never used it before? I gave it my best shot for 2 months and nearly lost all personal confidence in my ability to use/manipulate technology. The 'lemon' iPad was replaced this week on the eve of my attending a conference in Orono. The new iPad works beautifully and the conference was a good chance to catch up with arts teachers from around the state, and meet new colleagues.
can you hear me knitting?

I charged my batteries at the conference through the exchange of info and ideas and I knitted a pair of mittens!

Orange Sock-Monkeys
... And now back to grading... on many slips of paper the old fashioned way until that hard drive is fully functional.