Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is it about Sock-Monkeys?

I've been knitting Sock-Monkeys for my school's Fun Fair.  They are a LOT of fun to make.  At the fair these will be bid on, and the proceeds will go to my classroom for supplies. I always need supplies, so I was motivated!

I wonder what else I can turn into a sock-monkey....

Yes, that IS a pencil.

More pics on Ravelry:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow-Days Are Dangerous?

As teachers in Maine, with temperatures down to
-12 in March! - we sometimes need to be reminded that summer will come again. On what was probably my last snow-day for the season, I had fun knitting a 'thank-you' gift for a co-worker. These Sock-Monkey cozys (cozies?) were to assure her  that summer will come again. The golden one is a Summer Goddess cozy (that was the idea). She loved them, and gave me FLOWERS in return. Snow-Days are not dangerous, they are divine - you just never know WHAT you'll end up making! You can find the original pattern for the Sock-Monkey Cozy on Ravelry:
(free pattern)
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