Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend life on the farm - planting garlic, knitting frog mittens

We've had wonderful weather this weekend. The snow we got this past week, the first for the season, has melted. We mucked out the chickens and planted garlic today. It's nice to get something in the ground knowing that you'll enjoy a harvest next summer. This year's garlic made it into dill pickles and dilly beans, and there was plenty to plant with today. The cloves are huge. I do love garlic.
We got a lot done on 'this old house' this summer, but we still have one side to go on the clapboarding. There's always next year....
Frog Mittens
I'm still working on my Frog Mitten pattern. I'm thinking that I should simplify the 'ruffle' & forget the possibility of 'feet' - just go with a ruffle similar to my other designs. The latest, finished today, are the pair in the middle.
Have you heard of 'Craftsy'?   This site contacted me through Etsy and asked me to post my knitting. Check it out: