Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School

'American Gothic'     By: Grant Wood, 2005
Wow! This summer is flying on by. It's 'Back To School' time - which means it's MURAL TIME. Every autumn I have my students and staff (who choose to) paint a square of a mystery mural. I give everyone a 1" square of the original, and they enlarge what they see onto a 5"-6" square. We paint with tempera. These murals end up being approximately 7.5' tall, and various widths - depending on the original painting. When the murals are done and hung in the hallway, the students try to be the first to guess the name of the original painting and artist.
'American Gothic' was our first mural, in 2005. Why a school-wide mural? Because we are a K-8 school, and I see this as a way to show how well we work together as a whole. We are truly a learning community. We enhance and support each other. Check back in a month to see this year's mural!
'Light at Two Lights'   by: Edward Hopper, 2006
hallway view

'Snap the Whip'       By: Winslow Homer, 2007
'Island Farmhouse'        By: Fairfield Porter, 2008
'The Boating Party'          By: Mary Cassatt, 2010